Expert Guide To Win Big At Aviator In Bangladesh


Aviator is a popular online gaming platform that has gained a strong following among gamers in Bangladesh due to its engaging gameplay and promising rewards. As a leading gaming site, Aviator offers a diverse range of gaming options, including traditional casino games, virtual sports betting, and more.

Founded with the aim of providing an outstanding gaming experience, Aviator has quickly become popular, attracting gamers from across Bangladesh. The platform’s user-friendly interface, impressive visuals, and enticing prizes ensure hours of entertainment and excitement.

Here are some key terms related to the Aviator approach that will be discussed:

  1. Instaloss: Refers to any value between 1.00 and 1.04, indicating an early departure of the plane.
  2. Cooldown: The period of waiting for an Instaloss to occur.
  3. Bait: Numbers designed to encourage players to place higher bets.
  4. Anomaly: Denotes a significantly large number.

It’s important to understand that while there may be some manipulation in the game, it is not considered cheating.

So, in general, if the computer distributed a significant sum of money and practically all of the players continuously won, you should expect an Instaloss anytime soon. The Aviator computer merely has to take some money from the players to balance things up.



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3 Aviator Situations To Keep An Eye Out For

  1. If the majority of players are consistently winning, it’s likely that an Instaloss will happen soon.
  2. If everyone has already cashed out and the number continues to rise significantly, don’t view it as genuine. The number holds no significance since everyone has already collected their winnings; it’s merely a tactic to lure you into playing the next round.
  3. If you see one or two players with small bets witnessing their winnings rise significantly (e.g., 50x, 100x, or 1000x) after everyone else has cashed out, this is also a baiting tactic. The Aviator is essentially saying, “Look at how these players are rewarded for being patient. You should have waited longer.” The Aviator can afford to reward these players generously while still making profits from everyone else who cashed out earlier.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on what other Aviator players are betting on, their wins and losses, and when the last Instaloss happened.

If the game is rigged, are those numbers meaningful? Well, the Aviator’s decision regarding the multiplier depends entirely on how players are betting. The likelihood of one group of players betting significantly differently from another is very low. This means that the data provided will be based on a combination of statistical analysis of results and player behavior. Therefore, these numbers can offer valuable insights into playing the game safely in the long term.

How can you avoid or protect yourself from the situations you described earlier? First, avoid placing bets and wait until an Instaloss occurs; often, two Instalosses can occur consecutively, so wait for one more before betting again. Essentially, you’re playing the Cooldown strategy. Second, don’t get carried away by a recent high multiplier like 600x; treat it as just another outcome and don’t let it influence your decisions. Third, observe what others are doing and place your next bet at a lower multiplier than the average you’ve seen for that game.

Here’s some Avivator findings.

So what’s the Aviator strategy?

This depends on the amount you’re playing with, but since this is a gradual and steady long-term approach, your bet size will be determined by your available balance. Let’s say you have a balance of R100 and you want to place R1 or R2 bets.

For example, if you’re betting R1 at a multiplier of 1.05 with a 92% win rate, keep in mind that this win rate is based on statistics alone and doesn’t consider the three scenarios mentioned earlier. We don’t have information on the decisions made by the Aviator computer, so it’s too complex to factor in. However, the more you understand and pay attention to the three scenarios mentioned earlier, the closer you’ll get to that 92% win rate. If you lose, you aim to recover your initial investment. With a multiplier of 1.05, there are two options to recover your investment.

1: To recover your loss after a losing bet with a multiplier of 1.05, you would need to win the next 20 bets at the same multiplier and with the same wager size. However, the probability of this happening is only 18%.

2: Your next bet should be 20 times the previous one at a multiplier of 1.05, and you only need to win once with a 92% win rate.

Certainly, the second option is preferable in this scenario, although the first option might be more suitable for betting at higher multipliers. This is because if you lose at a multiplier of 1.50, you only need to win twice with the same wager at 1.50 or double your stake and win at 1.50 to recover. The possibilities differ from those at 1.05, but playing at 1.50 carries more overall risk.

The amount you wager is typically calculated so that if you lose, you can afford to increase your stake to recover your losses. For example, if you’re betting R15 at 1.05, stick to R1 bets. If you can’t afford to 20x your next wager, you’re risking too much relative to your stack size; in that case, reduce your bet amount. For instance, with a balance of R150, R2.50 bets are a reasonable choice. If you’re placing R1 bets at 1.05 with a R150 balance and lose, you’d need to double your stake 20 times to recover your losses, which would require betting R200—an amount you don’t have.

How Do I Avoid an Aviator Instaloss?

The occurrence of an Instaloss can be the most financially damaging event. It’s advisable to avoid them as much as possible due to their high cost. Keep track of when the last Instaloss happened; if it’s been a while, it’s best to refrain from gambling for the next few rounds. Pay attention to the bets being placed, wins, and losses. Typically, we wait until an Instaloss occurs, followed by one more round in case there’s a succession of two Instalosses. Once these have passed, it’s safer to resume wagering.

At a multiplier of 1.05, winning 20 consecutive bets has an 18% probability. Winning ten consecutive bets has a 39% chance, while winning five bets in a row has a 62% probability. It’s important to note that the longer a winning streak lasts, the higher the likelihood of losing, so it’s wise to win 3-4 bets, then pause, reassess the situation, and make a new decision.

Aviator Strategy Summary

Here are some key tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pay attention to the wins and losses of other players.
  2. Ignore large numbers when everyone has cashed out.
  3. Be aware of when the last Instaloss occurred.
  4. Don’t get lured by the rewards of players with small bets that have high multipliers (e.g., x300).
  5. Avoid making risky one-time bets that can disrupt your progress.
  6. Practice patience; it’s crucial for long-term success.
  7. With a larger balance, you can make bigger bets, leading to larger earnings at a given multiplier.

I hope you find value in this Aviator strategy and can make some profit. Use the numbers and theory provided to make informed decisions and aim for success!


Aviator’s unpredictable nature underscores the importance of a carefully crafted strategy. While no method guarantees success, understanding and applying various strategies can significantly enhance your gameplay. Whether you lean towards caution or aim for high-risk, high-reward plays, these insights can help tailor your approach for a more fulfilling Aviator experience. To find the perfect Aviator betting site, consider trying multiple options like Betway and Hollywoodbet, offering a range of thrilling games including Aviator. Begin your Aviator journey confidently, armed with the strategy that best suits your style of play!